In recent years, social media sites have gone from being the place to keep in touch with friends and family to a legitimate place to market and build your business. If you are active in network marketing on the internet, you know that in order to be successful you need to have followers. There are few places better at finding followers than Facebook. Let’s face it, people go there to connect, and with over 1 billion users to connect with, your chances of success are very good indeed. The question then becomes how to get noticed in the Facebook crowd.

In order to be effective in online social network marketing, you cannot adopt a stance of waiting for people to come to you. It’s up to you to seek out your target audience and to show them why following you would be worth their while. We are not saying that you should track these folks down and delivered a hard sales pitch. In the Facebook world it’s all about building relationships which, in the case of online network marketing, is exactly the same as building trust. That is the only way people will choose to follow you and buy from you.

Finding people interested in what you have to offer is not that difficult in Facebook. Chances are you are marketing a product or service in a very specific niche. If that’s the case, perform a search within Facebook using the niche as a search term. This will provide you with a list of users who have expressed some level of interest in what you have to offer. When you send those folks a request to follow your business page, be sure to include a little note that explains why you are contacting them. Again, avoid the hard sell here. You are just trying to build leads, which can be cultivated into sales at a later date.

Prepare to be active with the people who do connect, as effective internet network marketing is all about building a bond with the people who follow you. Respond to any and all questions that are sent your way, and be sure to deliver content that will educate and inform your followers. The content you deliver should be helpful and answer common questions that people have about your niche or offer. It can help people understand why using your product or service will actually be beneficial to them. Great content is also very shareable, which means your words will spread and bring in even more new leads.
While Facebook is a fantastic place to connect and build leads, it’s not necessarily the best place to sell. It is for this reason that your network marketing online efforts should all be linked together. Use all the other applicable social media sites to share your content, and have them all link back to your main website. Make sure that you have links to your social sites on your website pages, too, so that people who arrive there via search engine or some other form of marketing can then easily follow all that you do on Facebook and all the other social sites.

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