Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media is a platform that offers visibility to the businesses, unlike any other marketing tool. Like several other things, social media has altered the way business sells itself on web, which means it has changed the way the business interacts, addresses and fulfills the requirements of its customers. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small business or a large firm, social networking is one of the crucial elements to connect you with your potential customers. It gives you a platform to transform your fans, followers and subscribers into loyal customers.

After learning the power of social media, don’t you think it is really important for the businesses to adopt tricks and strategies to achieve efficiency, scalability and success, apart from getting social? So, let’s look at my Top 10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success:

Know your Target Audience

It is very important for you to understand your potential customers – their requirements, their needs, and their inspirations. You need to understand why they are using social media and what will make them reach out to you through social media. Do a good amount of research and get into the details.

Hence, the first step is to define your potential market and then analyze what you can do for your potential customers. What is it that you can give them and how will it help to make their life better, simpler and easier. 

Spend some time on crafting the content for your business

Think well before creating any content on the social networking sites. Be it a post on Facebook or a tweet; make sure your content is aligned to the goals of your business. Understand the wants of your target market and get crystal clear about what you can give them to meet these requirements. Your content should explain them how your product/service will benefit your target market.

Expand your Influence

Try to expand your reach across multiple social media platforms if you want to become successful. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook, create content and reach customers on 1 or 2 more Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Brand Yourself

Maintain consistency so that you can brand yourself. Let people know you by your personal brand, which is easily recognisable. How can you achieve this? Keep your logo, font, graphics and images consistent while you create several accounts on multiple platforms. This will help people to identify your business.

Variety is the Key

Although you should brand yourself by keeping your logo, color, graphics etc. consistent, offer a variety to your customers in terms of format. If you always offer the same format, for example – an image with some text, it might become boring after some time. So, one of the strategies to creating good impact in the market is by mixing tactics. Don’t limit your posts only to text or graphics; try to incorporate quotes, infographics, links, questionnaires and so on. The idea is to interact with audience as much as possible so create content that pulls more people as they comment, click or share with friends.

Interact, Engage and Share

Once you are able to attract the attention of customers, it is time to engage with them to make them feel special. Take time to respond to their questions, doubts, comments, and address their issues. Make them feel valued by being consist in your replies; they are surely going to appreciate your professionalism.

The Miraculous 80/20 Rule

Have you heard about the 80/20 rule? Well, the 80/20 rule works on the strategy according to which the businesses should have 80% captivating content and 29% promotional. This means that 80%of the content should be engaging, informative, useful and interesting to your audience. The content of your post should add value to them; they should get engaged. It should never make them feel as if you are trying to make your business each time you publish a post on social media.

In this way, while you keep them informed and engaged, they are most likely to respect and value your products and/or services when you actually promote them on social media because they have come to Know, Like and Trust you.

Research is the backbone

Always use analytics to learn which content is making the most impact on the customers. You should never forget the fact that research plays a crucial role in social media marketing. So, always take time to evaluate and understand why some content is able to attract people and some doesn’t.

Keep yourself updated

Keeping your posts up-t0-date is a sure way to reach and maintaining the relationship your potential customers. Always try to keep yourself updated with the most trending areas and topics related to your target audience.

Follow the 2 R’s – Reassess and Revise

Social media is not stagnant; people like it to be full of flowing information. Hence, your strategy should keep up the pace with this flow and remain flexible. Always take opportunities to reassess the facts and revise your content and strategy whenever/wherever possible.



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