What People are saying…..

I have heard Tobi speak at a number of functions I have attended such as those organised by Gateway Chapel.

This year, one of the projects I am involved with, Lone Parents Can, invited Tobi to be a guest speaker to our members to encourage them to start their own business. Tobi’s own story of how she started was inspirational. Her delivery was clear and appropriate for the audience. She was able to answer all questions by members. At the end, the feedback from our members was positive and they were able to purchase her book. Tobi is an excellent speaker and we are looking forward to using her again for future events.

 – Genny Jones – Chair Person- Lone Parents Can

I loved the idea of your book, 101 Home Business Ideas. I bought your book, read it and got my friends and family to read it too. I thought I knew quite a lot about home businesses, but I was surprised to learn about some ideas I had never considered.

Your business start -up talks have been helpful in backing up your book, taking time out to explain the application of the ideas and giving pointers on the first steps towards running a home business.

 – Lami George – System Test Analyst and mother to 1 year old Tope George

101 home business idea is a must have for anyone who wants to earn extra money from home, it gives step by step, easy to use tips on how to start and grow a home business, Tobi Awoyemi is a fluent speaker who has inspired me through her speeches on business growth.

 – Tope Oso
Insight – Providing housing and benefit advice to enhance income maximization.

The Women’s Biz Meeting gave me practical step to step knowledge of starting a business regardless of budget, time, and experience. I was inspired by hearing other women’s business ideas and successes. I enjoyed the fun, relaxed, environment. I was also able to make business contacts with existing and future fellow female entrepreneurs. The host is very passionate about aiding women into succeeding in business, and has the experience/qualifications to back this up. Tobi Awoyemi is an inspiration.

 Mary Sanni, Entrepreneur

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-Eddie Iduoze, www.homebusinesschain.info