How can I get to write my own Book?

       – Seminar Participant, Passion to Profit Seminar at Gateway Chapel

Tobi’s Answer

A number of people find the idea of writing a book overwhelming but 1 plan I recommend is:

1. Choose Your Topic;

2. Think about 10 major areas of this topic and write this down – These will be your chapters;

3. Under each area, write 7 questions that readers would want answered – These will make up your 7 paragraphs for each chapter;

4. For each question, answer with everyday language, statistics, examples and / quotes from others – This will make up each paragraph;

5. Introduction – Give an overview of the 10 areas (Your 10 Chapters) you will be talking about;

6. Closing – Give a summary of the 10 areas (Your 10 Chapters) you have spoken about and how readers can make use of them;

7. Edit, Spell Check and Format Your Book – All done!!!

To Your Success