Today, I want to talk about 2 posting strategies You can use to attract massive traffic to your Facebook page or your website through Facebook.
What are they?

The first one is 3 simple words: Share Positive Messages
Firstly, a number of people often share negative feelings on Facebook; your sharing something positive will always be a breath of fresh air!

A lot of people also need Inspiration and Motivation, so why not provide them with it?

The trick is instead of constantly promoting your products or services, share one positive message a DAY of your Facebook page. This will ATTRACT your audience to stay engaged with your PAGE.

Further, it will SEDUCE your potential fans to click on the “LIKE” button as they would like to receive this type of positive message every single day. 🙂

The 2nd posting strategy to bring massive traffic to your Facebook page is just One word: Pictures.

People are not on Facebook to read BUT to browse!

You can’t use your Facebook wall as a sales letter. It will NOT work at all.
Worse, if you do that, it will RUIN your chances to get any traffic to your website from Facebook.

“How does using pictures help you with traffic?”

Let’s just say you are in the weight loss business, What kind of pictures do people want to see from you? Of course, a slim and fit man or woman or before and after pictures of someone who has been able to lose weight.
How about if you are in the Internet Marketing business, what kind of pictures do people want to see from you? Your lifestyle

How about if you are in the self-improvement niche? What kind of pictures will represent your business? Your healthy and happy lifestyle
The question is… “What kind of pictures do you use to represent your business?”

SOLUTION: Start Using Pictures that will attract your target audience!

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