In my years as a Business consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Mentor to Women, I have found out that most women who are looking to start a Business want the same things:

  1. Low Start-up costs
  2. Low overheads
  3. Ability to start and build around family and / work commitments
  4. Ability to work from Home, Car, Park, anywhere really!
  5. Positive recognition
  6. An Ethical Business
  7. Consistent Support, Training and / Coaching
  8. A Simple Business Model they can follow
  9. The Potential to build a stable and profitable income

As my mission is to Help Women Start, Grow and Build successful Businesses, I started to look out for, and search for THE Business that would fulfil the requirements and needs of this group of people whom I love! (Yes, Women are great!)

Well, I was fortunate enough to find THE Business a while ago and since then, there’s been no going back.

THE Business is under the umbrella of a remarkable, award winning and highly successful company – Forever Living Products Inc.

Forever Living Products Inc. as been in operation for 35 years (it’s not just a flash in the pan!) and has been consistently growing with its current global turnover currently at around $2.6 Billion.

I love running my own Business under the umbrella of Forever Living for many reasons, and some of my top reasons include:

  • It has afforded me the dream of doing Business Globally, as Forever currently operates in 155 Countries – including countries in Africa, Asia and Europe – and this number continues to grow. This happens from the comfort of my own home through an already “Done-for-You” Online shop
  • There’s is a wide range of products for the market place including:
      • Weight Management
      • Sports & Fitness
      • Supplements
      • Skin care
      • Personal care
      • Animal care
      • Home care
      • Make-up
  • I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by introducing them to a life-changing and enhancing opportunity and helping them achieve their dreams and aspirations through the training, coaching and support provided by Forever, myself and other team members

With forever living, I and countless others are everyday building our own independent businesses without the risk of personal investment and under the umbrella of a Cash rich and debt free company with no shareholders!

Administration, Marketing, Production, Distribution is all set-up and done for you.

The Training and support provided by forever is an award winning one (by the Direct Selling Association) and of Gold standard.

The potential for achievements that forever has to offer to those who grab this opportunity with both hands and work with it includes a car plan, international travel and the Chairman’s Bonus, also known as “Profit Share” with the highest single pay out to an Independent Distributor for the “Year ended 2012” coming to just over $1 million dollars!

There is no longer any such thing as a “secure job”. Many are enduring jobs they don’t like just to bring in an income – this is understandable. BUT what if you could just give yourself the opportunity to take control of the future of yourself and that of your family, to give your dreams and aspirations a chance – that dream of going on holiday to somewhere exotic? Buying a new car? Putting the children in Private school or even through University? Running your own business or simply just having more time for your family and doing the things you love?

TODAY, I present you with an opportunity – the FOREVER opportunity. Starting out either on a part-time or full-time basis and working around your family and / work commitments, and through the support, training and coaching offered by Forever, myself and other team  members, we can help you achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations and you can look forward to a brighter future.

Are you ready to grab this opportunity NOW and start changing your life and future for the better? If Yes, simply send me a message below: