Our goal is to increase engagement on your Instagram account, grow your Instagram followers and send traffic to your site from Instagram.

Instagram Marketing – Basic Package

We will cover all of the following for you:

1. Create engaging content and Post this to your Instagram account – 10 Posts per week

2. Content Curation (Repost on Instagram) – an additional 2 Posts per week (If applicable)

3. Create a Hashtag Strategy for your Business and include with every Instagram Post

4. Follow relevant Instagram users

5. Instagram Community Management

6. Tidy up your Instagram account – Spam comments, etc

7. Weekly & Monthly Progress Reports

We will keep your Instagram account current and connected to your audience with 2 unique updates daily, 7 days a week

(We can help you keep to the 80/20 Rule, 80% Value, 20% Promotion):

  • Tips in your area of expertise (Provided by You) – 5 Tips a week
  • Inspirational Quotes (Branded for You and Provided by Us) – 4 Quotes a week (If you wish)
  • Promotional Text to Market your Products and / Services (Provided by You) – 3 Promotional Posts a week

or Choose your own mix of content! We aim to Please!

Our Social Media Management Packages range from £247 (Basic)) to £997 (Platinum)

To Get Started, Simply Complete the Form Below and we will contact you within 48 hours to help you get started on your daily updates.

(We do NOT tie you into a 12-month contract, but as it usually takes about 90 days for you to start seeing results in your Social Media efforts, we ask that you stick with us for a minimum of 3 Months only. If you require a Social Media Services Package tailored to your Business, Simply send in your details via the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours)

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