Instagram for business sales


A large percentage of Businesses now use Instagram as a marketing tool for the various benefits that it provides such as: growth, insights, awareness, branding and more.

Some are sometimes still unsure as to how they can tap into, and bring into alignment, their current business offerings with the platform in order words, generate sales on Instagram.

Below I share 3 Ways to leverage Instagram for your Business Sales:

  1. Great Photos and Videos of your Products / Services:

Share great photos of your products on Instagram. Be sure to use good lighting and a decent phone camera or even a camera.

It is also a good idea to share your products in use by customers to give both credibility and variety, for example, if you sell fashion items, share pictures of customers wearing them. In the case of services, you can share photos or videos of your clients’ testimonials about the use of your services. You can also share pictures of yourself in action, that is, performing a service – speaking, training, beauty sessions and so on.

It is important that you do not appear salesy to your audience but keep the 80/20 rule – give 80% value in the form of tips from your area of expertise, and then promote only 20% of the time!

  1. Share your Offers:

People love being rewarded and getting discounts. You can get more clients and loyalty if you offer visitors with special discount codes or prizes. So if you are currently offering a discount or any offer of some sort, it’s a good idea to announce this on Instagram using photos or videos via Instagram Posts, Stories and even Live!

  1. Promote your Events:

Events are hosted with three things in mind:

  • Attract clients
  • Tell them about your products and/or services
  • Convert them into potential customers

Instagram does just that and without a heavy price tag attached. You may also attach a hashtag to every post you share during the event, in order to help your potential customers keep track, for example, if your business is called “Sandy Shoe Shop”, the hashtag for your sale may be #SandyShoeSale , this way, your customers only need to search for this hashtag to find out what is on offer.

The same tactic could be used in the case of a conference, workshop or training event.

In conclusion, Instagram should be a must-have in your list of marketing tools. It’s both a B2B (Business to Business) and a B2C (Business to Customer) platform that not only showcases your brand but also helps you engage with your customers and stay ahead in the marketing race.

Do you need help driving sales in your business with Instagram or Social Media?


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