BUSINESS CLINICS with Entrepreneur Success Coach, Tobi Awoyemi

The Business Clinic is run by Entrepreneur Success Coach and Business Strategist, Tobi Awoyemi

Tobi is a Business consultant, an MBA graduate and a mother of 2 children who has been running businesses online since 2007.

She is also the author of 101 Home Business Ideas and creator of the “Knowledge To Cash System” – How to make money from your Knowledge, Experience and Passion by creating, marketing and selling Information Products and services.

Tobi has a wealth of experience as a Mumpreneur and online marketer.

Tobi’s Business Clinic will help you if you are struggling in 1 or more of  the following areas:

  • You are not sure which Business to go for or which one fits into your current life activities such as family and work;
  • You don’t know which products to create or source to sell;
  • You don’t know how to market or promote your business both online and offline;
  • You want to take your business online but you don’t know how to;
  • You want to start a business but you don’t know how to;
  • And any other Business Start-up, Online and offline marketing issues you might have.

Your event attendees are advised to and should book their FREE 15-minute time slot with Tobi when registering for your event, that is, before your event day.

Your attendees will receive relevant communication from Tobi before your event day so as to enable Tobi prepare for their session together.