Instagram is by far one of the hottest Social Networks in all of Social Media and as you probably know, was purchased by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg for $1 Billion Dollars in spring of 2012!

Instagram has fast become a social media platform to be reckoned with through the power of photo sharing which creates instant engagement and interaction.

Home Business owners, small business owners and large corporations are now all using Instagram to market their brand, products, and services.

Below are some amazing statistics about Instagram:

–  200 Million Active Users

–  75 Million Daily Users

–  55 Million Photos Uploaded Daily

 – 16 Billion Photos Shared

 – 1.2 Billion Likes Daily

– Instagram Engagement is 15X Greater than Facebook!

What is all the above saying? Simple. You need to be using Instagram for your Business!

So how can you use Instagram to start marketing your brand, products and services, as well as, get more leads and clients? Below are 9 Tips that will help you:


1. Post consistently and regularly.

Post a variety of fun, positive and engaging photos daily. Also be sure to post photos that are relevant to your business and / products. This will get people to like, comment, share your photos as well as follow you.


2. Use Hashtags

When you use the Hashtag symbol, #, before “keywords” that are relevant to your business, for example #HealthandFitness, it will make it easier for people who are interested in your niche area (Health and Fitness) to find you.

You are allowed to use up to 30 Hashtags per post on Instagram.

Webstagram is a good place to find the relevant keywords / hashtags to your products and services.


3. Link Your Social Media Platforms

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page so that your Facebook friends can like and comment on your Instagram phots. This way, you will be increasing the engagement on your photos and saving time by just posting on one social media platform – Instagram.


4. Choose a “Great Username

A great username is your own name. Yes, your own name. This way you are branding yourself and it will make it easier for people to find you.

An alternative is to choose a name that as to do with your business for example, “natural health products”.


5. Experiment

Experiment with different types of photos to see which types of photos get the most engagement, that is, likes and comments. This way, you will find out your audience preferences and follow those preferences.


6. Tell a Story with your Photos

Make sure your photos tell a story about you or your business. Don’t keep your audience guessing what your photo means.


7. Geo-Tagging

Instagram location services will also help drive prospects to your business. By geo-tagging your photos, prospects in your local community will possibly be more interested in your opportunity as you are closer to them in terms of physical location.

Geo-tagging is done by adding photos to your photomap. This option is found on the Instagram share panel.


8. Position your offers

For every 5 posts that you put on Instagram, 4 posts should be uplifting, positive and funny and 1 post should be where you position your offer, in other words, always give, give and give value first before putting your products and services before your audience.

In positioning your offer, your post about your product and service can be a feature, benefit, or positive result about your products and / services.


9. Interact with others

Be a Team Player on Social Media! Let others know you care about them too by liking, commenting and sharing the posts of others in your niche as well as following them.

You can also share other people’s photos on Instagram by downloading “Instarepost” on your mobile device.

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