Facebook as a Social Media Platform is a great marketing tool to help you grow your list of email subscribers, that is, your list of potential clients that you regularly expose your products and services too via email, social media and any other channels you might use.

Facebook provide valuable strategies to grow your email list for permission based email-marketing. As opposed to just spamming people, these ways are more efficient, as your list of potential clients is targeted and the fact that they are following you on Social Media already and know who you are, brings an important advantage to the table for you: Trust.

Remember, people buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.

Below are 8 Simple ways to grow your Potential List of Clients with the world’s most popular social networking platform – Facebook:

  1. Free email sign-up tab on your Facebook Page

To get your Facebook fans to register their email addresses right there on your Facebook Business Page, simply add an email signup tab on your Facebook Page (email me if you find this tricky in any way)

  1. Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers is a new type of advertising tool which acts as a bridge between Facebook and email. All you have to do is turn one of your posts into an Offer. When someone clicks on it, they will receive an email explaining them how to take advantage of the offer. For this option to work, you need to have at least 100 fans on your Facebook page.

  1. Use Facebook Contests

Run a Facebook contest and ask contestants to put in their emails in order to participate. You can use tools such as Heyo or WishPond to set contests up on Facebook. Contestants will be willing to participate for two reasons, firstly to win the prize and secondly, mention that putting in their email address will keep them up-to-date with every new contest you will be having in the future.

In addition, offer multiple inexpensive prizes as these work better than a single, high cost prize. This is because your fans will generally feel their chances of winning something are higher and so will be more interested in the contest.

  1. Share feedback you get from your loyal fans and customers

In marketing, reviews are everything and are an avenue for non-subscribers to learn about the benefits your subscribers get. This will attract and raise their curiosity and encourage them to join your list of subscribers.

  1. Create a poll on your Facebook Page

Bring customers together and attract new ones by sparkling conversations. Of course, they will first visit the sign-up page, to answer the poll and this way you can get more email addresses added to your Subscriber list. You can create this poll on a tab on your Facebook page using apps like FBpoll.

  1. Facebook Ads

Create simple Facebook Ads to increase the number of your page likes, then boost your free offer to the people that have liked your page.

  1. Webinars

Running a webinar or even a series of them will bring you tons of emails. Ask participants to subscribe to the webinar with their names and email addresses. The educational component of a webinar is an instant attraction for people of all ages and backgrounds. Remember to create this as an event on Facebook, invite and promote fans and others who are not yet fans to attend.

  1. Offer Something FREE for their Email Address

Remember you offer I mentioned in No 6? Offer a FREE Ebook, report, audio or video in exchange for the email address of your potential clients. When you allow your fans to download something of value FREE from your page by filling in their email, it will attract more people to your page.

One more advice: whatever you do to develop your email subscriber list with Facebook, keep it simple! Just ask for that email address and move on with something entertaining, so that your fans don’t get bored.


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