Everyone has probably been a part of a Facebook Group at one point since joining the social media giant, but you might not have been a part of a super successful Facebook Group that actually gets the job done that is was set up to do during its creation.


A lot of the time people create Facebook Groups with great intentions of helping their business, or sharing things that they find interesting, and these groups end up just being full of spam where members either participate in spamming or leave the group all together.


So how does one go about creating a successful Facebook Group page that not only engages their audience, but creates a healthy participation group for their business?
Follow these six ways to create a successful group:
1. Value
This is key to creating a space where customers are going to want to stay and participate in. If you do not give customers value and reward them, then they are unlikely to re-buy or be reoccurring for your business.
Reward these individuals with give-a-ways, free materials, links to special offers and insider information, and keep in contact with the group!
Don’t just set it and leave it.


2. Communicate
Communicate to your audience about current events and happenings that are going on in your industry – meaning share cool things that are going on with your business, or share information that is going to directly affect how your business is going to run and operate with regards to your customers. By doing this you open up the lines of dialogue and create a safe place for discussion.


3. Community First
Always put your community first, and not yourself. The group isn’t about you, but about those who are in your group. They make the group run, so provide them with value and things to talk about!


4. Use Brand Ambassadors
Once you have your business operating at a steady pace, look to connect and communicate with those who are top users of your products or services. See if they would like to become brand ambassadors, giving them perks to trying out the product first, and then sharing their experiences.


5. Promote Events
Always promote events that are going on within your business. This keeps everyone informed, creates a pathway for participation, and keeps everyone up to date with new information and services.


6. Grow Your Team
Look for those who are interested in joining your team and try to diversify across the globe by targeting those within your Facebook Group.
By keeping an eye on the things above, not only can you market to the correct people and have them create a wonderful community for your business, but you can grow your business through this group by creating brand ambassadors, getting feedback, and promoting your events.


To Your Success,


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