This week is a continuation of the 50 Awesome Social Media Content Ideas we started last week.

Here are the remaining 25 Social Media Content Ideas for you. Enjoy!

  1. Wish list: unveil yourself and share your wish list. Who knows you might actually find someone who wishes for the same and you can do it together.
  2. Movie review: if you tried a new movie, share your experience and opinion.
  3. Post your resume: reach out more than just your circle and show the world what you really do. You can even get some offers from prospective clients.
  4. Share your day: create a vlog and post it to your profile. People can envisage what your day is really like.
  5. Recommend a book: If you are a fellow bibliomaniac, read and share. No secrets!
  6. Host a giveaway: it can be anything, big or small. It gets more people hooked to your profile.
  7. Flaunt your skills: if you are good at something, display it for the world. Reading, writing, singing, dancing, photography and everything else.
  8. Share news: read something interesting? Post it to your wall, re-tweet or pin it.
  9. Share something positive and personal: be it the love of your life, best friends, loving family, reveal it to the world.
  10. Host a Q&A session: ask people to post questions and you can answer them systematically.
  11. Offer coupons: if you have a company, offer discounts and share the code to avail them.
  12. Share a haul: if you enjoy shopping, then share the pictures of the things you purchased or bargains.
  13. D.I.Y: provide simple do-it-yourself options and teach others.
  14. Include an ‘about me’: let the world get to know the real you.
  15. Post food Pictures: if you are the foodie, share images, you never know who you might connect with.
  16. Share tricks: if you have an easy method for something, share it and educate.
  17. Post a song: have a favorite? Post lyrics or video.
  18. Take a challenge: try something new for a week
  19. Share health and fitness tips: present your secret tips that you religiously follow.
  20. Share financial updates: if you have the information share it and start a discussion.
  21. Inform about a sale: if you hear about some offers, share them so others can benefit too.
  22. Share your daily routine: it can be just any part of the day. Best recommendations are skin and hair care routine.
  23. Share childhood memories: chose wisely and add a touching caption that expresses your feelings.
  24. Flaunt fashion: love to dress up? Share your outfit of the day with your friends.
  25. Post journal entry: when you have one of those moods, scribble something touching and Inspirational and post!

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