50 Content Ideas for your Social Media

Social media is indeed a very powerful tool that can influence and affect the way your business, brand or company progresses. Especially in terms of branding, it is a highly recommended platform. People use it to flaunt their personal life as well as for marketing their brand. If you are new to this side of life and are wondering how to get starting or simply stuck on what to share, then read on.

Find a list of 50 things that you can share in social media below:

  1. Photos: Choose the image you wish to display, play around with some edits, use filters and share.
  2. Status updates: Just anything that pops up in your mind or whatever you wish to update your readers about.
  3. Repost: if there is anything that you enjoyed reading or watching, then share it in your profile for your friends to see.
  4. Videos: if you have taken fancy to something that you watched elsewhere, then click share. You can also make a slideshow of your pictures and click go!
  5. Quotes: if you are an avid reader or love anything that titillates your reading sense, then make sure to share it with all your friends.
  6. Share your blog posts: if you have a blog or even a website, share when you put up anything new. Make sure to inform your friends and followers.
  7. Offers and discounts: if you have some good promotional offers that you company is Planning to Provide, then put it up on your profile.
  8. Polls: polls are fun. You can arrange for a poll on anything that you desire and calculate based on the response received.
  9. Questionnaires: If you are undertaking any surveys, then just upload a copy of the questionnaire which everyone can fill. This will be interesting and also ensures the consensus is received effectively.
  10. Tips: it can be just anything from general, specific to random tips.
  11. Product reviews: if you like something, review it. Be it your own company product or others.
  12. Post testimonials: a good word is always good publicity for your cause.
  13. Start conversations: when you have nothing to say, say ‘hello’. Let others start a conversation.
  14. Share experiences: if you tried something new, provide your opinion and insights on it.
  15. Create events: if you are planning something, create an event, inform and invite people.
  16. Share recommendations: provide information that others can use.
  17. Request for advice: when you are in a fix, post a question and let others guide and enlighten you.
  18. Make a collage: when you have too many pictures to flaunt, fit it all in a collage and you are good to go.
  19. Host contests: if you want more followers or publicity for yourself or brand, start contests. Have simple rules; select a winner and provide gifts.
  20. Teaser campaign: If you are on the verge of an innovation, tease your readers. Keep them guessing till it’s ready to be disclosed.
  21. Ask for a caption: provide a picture and ask them to come up with interesting captions.
  22. Share YouTube content: if you love something, make it viral on your page.
  23. Share friends posts: show your friends some love and share something that you liked about them.
  24. Hold debates: choose a topic and let the discussion begin. Chose trendy and relevant topics.
  25. Share a recipe: post a picture of something that you cooked yourself and leave a recipe for your readers.

To be Continued

Always To Your Success,