What is a Blog?

A “blog” is actually a web page composed of some short and concise, regularly updated posts arranged by order of the dates posted. The number of blogs on the internet has boomed from just a few thousands when blogs just started to millions of blogs online now. 


There are two kinds of blogging:  

The personal blogs which are a combination of a personal diary or journal with some postings on opinions and where research links are present;  

The Business blogs which is considered more of as a communication tool for promoting business to existing clients and prospective or new and potential customers.  

Today, we will be focusing on the “Business Blog”. 


So why should your Business have a blog? 


1. Setting Up: Easy As 1 2 3! 

A major advantage of blogging for business is that it is so simple and easy to set up.  

There are several FREE as well as paid software online to create a simple blog such as Typepad, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com and WordPress.org 

If you find that you are not able to create one yourself, simply hire a web designer to create a simple blog for you using one of the available free resources online – this way you can edit the blog yourself once the initial set-up has been done. 


 2. A Low-Cost Alternative 

Setting up a simple blog site on Internet for your Business should not hurt your pockets. 

 It is a very cost-effective alternative to indulging into advertising and marketing promotions.  

As you might know, traditional advertising and marketing endorsements usually cost your business a great deal of money to promote your products and services, and this might be hard especially for new home business owners who do not have much resources.  


3. Promotes And Sells Your Product 

Blogging for business can also be a major avenue of marketing products and services, and communicating the special features and benefits of each product or service. It has slowly yet captivatingly seized the attention of the global business community what with the dramatic increase in the number of bloggers recorded. Truly, blogs are a brilliant technique a business owner can use for sharing or campaigning its expertise and business portfolio, while at the same time boosting the number of visitors to the site’s and connecting with new prospective customers as well. 


4. Effectively Responds To Customer Needs  

Blogging can also be used to answer usually asked questions by new or prospective clients  – therefore there is an ever-present catalogue to effectively answer customer questions on the blog. Blogging is also ideal to introduce new products and services or new features of an old product or service. 


5.Becomes A Marketing Tool For Displaying Promotions 

More and more companies have nowadays, started to use their official blog as a venue for displaying online promotions such as coupons as well as for announcing winners of previous promotions. Clearly, blogging and business match well together and this is another great way to make use of a blog. 

However, emphasis should be put on quality blogging because a blog will never bring benefits to the business unless it is a blog of quality content. A blog may be written with so much grandiose in words and yet still appear empty. These kinds of blogs can never be beneficial to a business. 

A blog can even usher in direct sales for your Business (where customers can buy directly from your blog). 

There are just too many advantages of blogging for business; however, the ultimate benefit is that of bringing in and building a high traffic of visitors to your site on a per day basis, and of course, this would mean generating better sales for your business. 


To Your Success


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