I have been asked several times by several people as to how I have quickly achieved “some success” in the Network Marketing Industry despite knowing nothing about Network Marketing before the last 18 months or so ago!

Today, I would like to share with you, 3 things that I believe will “Make for your Success” in your Network Marketing Business or any other Business you might be involved in as a matter of fact!:

1.       Desire

A number of Network Marketing Companies will refer to this as your “WHY”.

What is Your Reason for starting your Network Marketing Business and what is the reason that you will continue to build your Network Marketing Business?

By the way, this is not where you say, you were just helping out your friend or family member or you just wanted to try the products! 🙂

This needs to be something that pushes you and keeps you motivated.

This needs to be something that makes you call your next potential customer or team member, send the text message or email.

This needs to be something that makes you call that team member to help (show and tell) them how to build their business.

For some of us, our “Why” is 1 or more of these reasons:

To make extra income so as to improve our lifestyle, go on fantastic family holidays, pay for a wedding, sack the boss and quit our 9-5 job, be able to stay home with the kids and build an income around the family…

Whatever your “Why” is, IT must push and motivate you daily!

2.       Educate

You must be ready to educate yourself on “what makes for your success” in Network Marketing.

You will need to read books on Network Marketing

You will need to attend Company Trainings and events

You will need to attend your Team trainings – Onine / or Physical

You will need to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things.

You must Basically “Take the Position” of being ready to learn!!

3.       Persistence

You must decide to be Persistent!

Persistent in educating yourself

Persistent in achieving your desire

Persistent in “recommending” your products

Persistent in sharing your Business opportunity

Persistent in carrying out business activities that will make that desire come to pass

Persistent in “Not Giving Up” on your goals

You must become Mr/Ms/Mrs Persistent!!!


The Rewards? Endless!!!

1. You get to achieve that goal!!! – That Goal of taking the kids on a fantastic holiday, quitting your job, helping your husband quit his stressful job, sending the kids to private school!

2. You will grow tremendously – In confidence and in Skills!

3. You are now in a position to hep others and be a blessing either by giving your knowledge or from your abundance!

What are you waiting for? Go and achieve Success in your Business with these 3 keys to a Success Mindset Now!

I will holding a FREE Live Online Business Presentation Tonight (Thursday 10th April 2014) at 9pm GMT on How you can start to make an income of £800-£2,000 per month from your own Health & Wellness Business within the next 5 months, with me personally coaching, training and mentoring you via telephone, email and physically if possible.

If you would like to listen-in (it will be from the comfort of your own home) please respond to this email and ask for the Private Registration Link or Call me on (+44)7737015826.


Thank You

Always To Your Success,


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