Instagram Dos and Dont'sInstagram can be a great place to brand your business, attract new clients and grow your business if used correctly but can also be detrimental to your business if not used in the right way!

Today, I am going to be exposing what exactly you should be “doing” and “NOT doing” on Instagram to grow your business through these 25 Dos and Don’ts below:

  1. Socialize: Social Media as a whole is a 2-way street. Be sure to like and comment on other people’s posts, especially your target audience.
  1. Always respond: Try your best to respond to all questions and comments on your posts. Tag those who have commented or asked questions in your responses do that they easily know you have responded.
  1. Have an easily identifiable username: It is a good idea to have your social media usernames across all platforms, including Instagram, in sync. This will make it easy for people to locate you easily online and avoid unnecessary confusion.
  1. Use good quality pictures: A good picture speaks a thousand words. Take good quality, interesting photos that convey precisely what you are trying to say. Keep experimenting with concepts and angles.
  1. Use Filters: Use Instagram’s popular and commonly used filters to enhance and improve the quality and appearance of your pictures while still retaining its originality.
  1. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are a very effective way to maximize and optimise your brand and business. Use hashtags that your target audience search for so that they can easily find you, for example, if you are a “health and wellness coach, you may want to use hashtags such as #wellnesscoach #coach #wellness #healthcoach #healthandwellnesscoach
  1. Tag locations: Use the geo-tagging option within Instagram to show your followers where you are located especially if you are looking to reach people who are local to you. This is because people will usually be more comfortable doing business with a local organization than one that they don’t know at all. Using the geo-tagging option in maximizes your potential, efficiency and enhances sales suitably.
  1. Host contests: Encourage more people to engage with your brand by creating contests that your audience can participate. You can offer prizes that are in line with your brand such as your own products and services. Contests give you more visibility as others tag their friends and become more involved in your brand in order to be a part of your contest or competition. Contests also let your audience know that you are interested in them and are willing to give to them, and not just enhancing your brand or sales.
  1. Post regularly: Be Consistent in sharing value with your audience. This way, your target audience will know that you care about them and will look out for your posts at the usual times.
  1. Be interesting: Your posts need not always be about your brand or product. Bring in some variety such as inspirational & motivational quotes, humour, testimonials, behind-the-scenes of your life as an Entrepreneur and business owner.
  1. Use CTAs: Use Call-to-Actions in your posts – you can use call-to-actions in the pictures you post and the text you share with your posts. Be sure to also add a call-to-action in the Bio area of your Instagram account.

  12. Get featured: Participate in collaborations and get featured on other profiles or brand accounts. This will make more people take notice of your brand/business and open you up to a new audience.

  13. Keep going steady: A post or two will Not determine your success. Keep going forwards by posting, socializing and improving your posts every single day.

  1. Be Positive: Always be positive in your posts. Nobody likes to hang around negative people so never use your platform as somewhere to express negativity.
  1. Make good use of your Profile area: This is the most important thing on your Instagram account. Let people know in this area “how you can help them achieve what they want” and provide a web link for them to connect with you outside of Instagram where you can further develop a relationship that can lead to them becoming a client.


Don’ts of Instagram Marketing

  1. Don’t abuse hashtags: Instagram allows you to use up to 30 #Hashtags with every post but it is very important that you use #hashtags wisely by using ones that are relevant to your target audience and that they will search for. For example, using #hashtags such as #Instagood or #Love will not be any of any use to you in attracting your target audience as millions of people use these hashtags and so are not specific to any target audience. Also using too many hashtags can make you appear spammy.
  1. Don’t spam: Posting several times within the hour can flood/spam the reader’s feed which will only annoy them to the point of un-following you forever. Be sure to space out your Instagram posts – It is OK to post on your Instagram up to 5-7 times a day.
  1. Avoid long captions: Long, endless written matter will put people off from reading your posts and updates. You can break your words down into points and paragraphs – but this should still not be too long.
  1. Don’t focus on promoting your Business only: Your profile should not scream advertisements and sales only. Remember the 80/20 rule always – 80% Value and 20% Promotion.
  1. Don’t be desperate for followers: Avoid having unpleasant rules like ‘follow for follow’ or other desperate manifestations. Make yourself “likeable” and you will get followers gradually.
  1. Don’t abuse: Never support or use profanity on your profile. Even when faced with negative comments, reply back in a positive, dignified manner.
  1. Avoid negativity: When people spam your profile with sales pitches or negative comments, be sure to delete them so that your account does not appear spammy to your followers. Be sure not to post negative or depressing posts yourself.
  1. Don’t limit your creativity: Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Be creative. Use your imagination. Be authentic. Don’t be like everyone else. This will gain more you respect, favorability and fondness.
  1. Don’t ignore your profile or account: Don’t be inconsistent in your posting schedule. Don’t disappear for long periods of time which will erase your brand/business from the minds of people.
  1. Don’t wait to have professional pictures: Instagram is all about instant clicking and sharing. Focus on good quality pictures more than professional images. Just focus on getting your message across effectively to your followers.

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