Whether you are looking to make a successful business campaign, or looking to expand your social media marketing strategy to fit the ever changing landscape that social networking revolves around, then knowing the tips and tricks behind each social media website is crucial. Regardless of whether you’re looking for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or general tips, knowing these will move your campaign forward from mediocre to successful.


Tips that work across Social Media Platforms:

1. Update Social Profiles:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your profiles up to date can easily get lost in the shuffle of media campaigns and business operations. So make sure to update your media profiles immediately.

2. Promote Your Profiles: Yes, promote your profiles on other social media websites and inter-connect them.

3. DO NOT buy fans and followers: This will do nothing for you except get your account flagged or banned as social media websites have tools in place to catch accounts with fake volumes of followers.

4. Google Analytics: Is your best friend. Use it to analyse and scrutinize the results that you achieve with each of your media campaigns and then set new goals once old ones are obtained. Measure engagement, consumer loyalty, and traffic.


Facebook Tips:

5. Facebook Buttons:

Use the real thing. Help get your content more likes, comments and subscriptions by using the official buttons that Facebook uses. The more people are comfortable with liking or commenting on something that they are used to, the more likely they will on your website.

6. Customise it:

Yes, take the time to customise your Facebook pages. Use application providers that help you incorporate content onto your page. These applications can help you add welcome pages, offer exclusive deals and help you sell your products.

7. Advertise:

This one seems obvious, but you will need to experiment and come up with the best combination between promoted, sponsored and regular advertising. Use different types of advertising to capture different types of people.

8. Watch the Analytics: Use Facebook Insights to watch the analytics or statistics of your Facebook page and then use it to delve deeper into your campaign. This will open up new ways of boosting your business or range of audience.

9. Monitor It: Yes use application tools that will alert you when something new happens on your own Facebook page. By doing this you can get notified immediately and engage with what is happening.


Twitter Tips:


10. Update your Layout:

Twitter has made some recent changes to how their layout looks with the new header image option, so get creative and change your profile up a bit. Update your profile with new images that will promote your business or say something about you.

11. Manage your Twitter Relationships:

Sometimes cutting through the noise of countless tweets can be tedious and annoying because you may not know if you are engaging with members of your community who are the most active. Use applications that highlight who are engaging with you the most and who your influencers are so you can engage with them.

12. Be Active:

Re-tweet posts by those you are interested in, this is great for potential clients and interaction for your business.

13. Watch Follower Trends: Watch to see how your growth expands and see if there are any patterns to this growth. Almost always you will have follower trends that mimic or parallel your updates, promotions or news.


Instagram/Pinterest Tips:


14. Be Thankful:

Always say thanks to those who re-pin or re-blog your picture, blog or brand content as this creates an on-line reputation.

15. Get Link Backs:

Monitor your traffic to make sure that you are getting link backs to any and all of the images that you use that are yours and are exclusive to your business or profiles. Many people re-use pictures without permission and this cuts the traffic back.

16. Schedule It:

In order to make sure that life does not get in the way or slow you down, always schedule your pins or blogs ahead of time and load the queue up. This cuts down on the potential flooding that may happen if you neglect your account for too long, and means that you won’t lose followers either.

17. Button it:

Place Instagram or Pinterest buttons beside shareable content or images on your website. This will make it easier for followers to share something they come across that they love.


Localize Yourself:

If you are looking to have business campaigns on social media websites then look to localize your pages so that you can cater to the clientele who are in that area. Dedicate specific images or products based on where you are.


1 Bonus & Very Important Tip


19. Target correctly:

Make sure all your posts are addressing your Target Market!

There will always be new features being added to social media networking websites, so make sure to stay up to date with all of your profiles!

Use the above tips to create a social media strategy that works for you.


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