18 reasons to use Instagram to Grow Your Business



The emergence of social media into the realms of business marketing has made marketing easier than ever. The best thing about social media is that it helps business owners stay connected with the potential customers and also, they come for FREE. Henceforth you carry out marketing at a large scale without even investing a single penny.

The current, not-so-new and fast-growing player in social media marketing is the Instagram. It seems a great way to communicate with your potential buyers. With pictures a business owner can enhance customer loyalty and create a higher exposure of a product. The best attribute about pictures is that they do not have any language barrier so can easily reach out to more number of people. In the recent times Instagram is becoming one of the most powerful social media platforms and a lot of big brands are using this technology to reach out to their customers.   

There are several reasons Why You Should Use Instagram to Grow Your Business. They include:

  • The world is becoming more visual with time. People today are busy and can spare lesser time. They prefer easier form of communication. Hence pictures appeal to them more than long pieces of content.
  • The best thing about Instagram is that it is free. It has no limit for the number of posts you do.
  • Instagram is a great place to build brand community. With the use of #hashtags in Instagram, business owners get to know what their target customers at any given point in time. These Business owners using Instagram can then accordingly evolve in the products or services they provide to their target market.
  • With Instagram pictures it is possible to show ones products or services in action. It is common that when people see others using a service or product, they might like to use it as well.
  • Instagram helps customers know the business owner beyond a brand. When buyers get a peek into the lives of the business owner beyond a logo, they feel more comfortable to buy the products or services.
  • Instagram is a powerful tool to build branding of your product. Certain filters embedded in Instagram help to enhance the original image to showcase the brand strength highly.
  • With the help of Instagram Photos, you can let your target market know more about your business. They get a sneak peek into the home office / office environment which you maintain and such factors can interest a buyer to try out your products or services.
  • Instagram is a great way to showcase one’s authentic self. Potential customers can easily get a glimpse of what is going on in the life of a business owner helping to build a trust factor.
  • Instagram is just not product based. You can even showcase your services through the photos in Instagram
  • User Generated Content (UGC) is the call of the day. With this technology a business can share content with customers which they did not create. Customers can share images of them using your own products and services. This is great for you and the Customer, because everyone likes being in the spotlight, the customers are happy to share their photos on your account while generating content for you to share with your audience.
  • Instagram is a highly interactive, easy to use and friendly tool. With this you can easily address customer service issues without even getting public.
  • Instagram helps in tracking customer behavior with the help of “Icono Square”. As a matter of fact, knowing your data is very important when using any online or offline method to market your Business.
  • Instagram helps to divert traffic towards your site through the link on your profile thus giving more exposure to your products as well as services
  • Amidst an entire day of work, Instagram is a fun thing to do. It is easy to engage with audience even between the boring jobs of every day. J
  • With Instagram one is actually able to focus on visual marketing. People can relate more to pictures than to morbid content so it is a hotbed among business owners.
  • Instagram has made tagging easier now. People can tag brands and products. Thus the reach of user generated content increases.
  • Use of contests is very easy in Instagram thus boosting audience to upload more pictures which in turn might attract new customers
  • To create an Instagram account is easy with no barriers to entry and the best attribute about it is that it gives a professional touch to even amateur pictures

In Conclusion, Instagram has several benefits for the growth of a business in a fast, fun and easy way. All you need to know is the right strategies to give a boost to your business.


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