In an age when we are flooded with gadgets and technology email marketing can be a powerful tool for a business owner.

As a matter of fact, this mode of marketing helps to strengthen your relationship with target customers. People buy from people they Like, Know and Trust, Email Marketing is the easiest to make this happen.

Moreover, if you continue sending emails to your intended audience at frequent intervals it is easier to stay at the top of their minds, so that when they are ready to make “that” purchase or even know anyone who want to make the purchase, you come to mind first!

There are several reasons as to why you as business owner needs to Build and maintain an email list so that you can continually grow and expand your Business, some of the major reasons include:

1. The No. 1 reason to build an Email List is that the people who join your Email List are the ones who have actually raise their hand to say: “I am interested in what you have to offer, tell me more via email”.

2. A second very important reason to Build a list is that the “Profits are in the follow-up”. Very rarely will a customer make a major purchase on their first contact with your business online. This happens more often from having built a relationship with the potential customer, and email marketing is one of the best ways to build this relationship.

3. Surveys say that lot of people change addresses every year. So it is highly possible that you lose those contacts within a few months of getting them. However, if you build a database of email addresses and update it regularly, you will not lose your valuable business contacts.

4. Often there are various people who contribute in a variety of ways to your organization. They might be customers, volunteers, people who give you donations and so on. If you are not building an email list and communicating with such people on a regular basis, you might lose their contribution to your business.

5. Maintaining older customers is easier than building the newer ones and that is possible only when you have a proper email list. Having an Email list of people who are already your clients, with you maintaining your relationship with them via email, keeps you at the forefront of their minds and will typically bring about repeat business.

6. To build an email list is an effective way to save money because you can keep yourself away from sending mails (Post) to wrong addresses or multiple mails to the same address. Email-marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to market your Business.

7. Not building an email list is as good as not having business contacts which means you will not get any feedback – either Positive to use for testimonial or not-so-positive – to improve upon and make your Business a better one. It will also not be easy to ask for referrals from your existing customer base if you do not normally communicate with them at periodic intervals.

8. Building an email list and maintaining it will make your business look and be more professional – you can incorporate changes requested by the customer in the next email, announce new products and services, change of office address or office opening times, etc.

9. In case of a business owner who does not build a comprehensive database or an email list, chances are high that they will not get a fair opportunity to grow as well as expand their business.

10. Another important reason of building an email list is that you can always fall back on your list of existing customers if your business ever goes through a quiet period or the economy is not-so-great.

11. If you have an email list built you can easily get more Products and / Services ideas from your subscribers by asking them what they would like to know more about or see you doing for them in Business. You can make this even more interesting by adding a questionnaire or survey for them to answer.

12. When you have an email list ready, you can give your customers incentives in the form of discounts, money coupons or Bonus gifts during celebration or holiday seasons or simply to boost Business. This can also be a great way to gain new customers who have been on your list but have been “sitting on the fence” about making a purchase.

13. For a business owner who builds an email list, it is easier to promote various kinds of products and services just by sending the people on your list emails of value (relevant tips and information) 80% of the time and then promoting your products and services only 20% of the time. This can also be a great way to increase sales of your newly launched products.

14. Having an email list ready can help a business to get “eyeballs” very quickly on a new offer or even an existing one. For example, even if you have 10,000 people on your email list, you can send an email that goes out to all of them within a few minutes. Moreover, spending on advertisement also gets considerably reduced as you send promotional mails to your target customers.

15. All business owners need to keep in mind that list building is an effective way of trust building with your existing customers as well as your prospective customers. This can be done by giving them as much valuable information as possible so that they are comfortable dealing with you.

16. Building an email list is of utmost importance in internet marketing. If you want to make the web an integral part of the growth of your business, you have to have an email list with which you can reach out to your target customers with ease, anywhere they are in the world.

17. Email Marketing is a form of marketing you can very easily automate. You can actually schedule a series of emails to go out to your target audience, 1 at a time!

It is very important that you start building your list, once you decide to start your own business and continue to build your list over time so that you always have new people to show your Products and Service Offerings to.

PS – If you do not already have a tool / software to build your Email list, this is one I recommend –

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