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Having a Facebook page with a high number of likes is most definitely a great way to business exposure, build relationships, and communicate with your target audience.

Also, the number of Facebook likes you have often counts as “Social Proof”, that is, the more likes you have, the more people who land on your Facebook page actually believe in your authenticity and expert status.

Below, I will be sharing with you a number of ways to attracting more likes to your Facebook page thereby increasing your Business exposure and opening up even more opportunities for Business growth:

  1. Cross-Platform Integration: It is a great idea to link your Facebook page to your social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This will help multiple followership of your brand across platforms. You can let your followers know where to find you on other social media platforms by including a link in your profile area.
  1. Invite people from your email accounts: Invite those on your Subscriber email list and your friends to like your Facebook page, or even join Facebook if they haven’t joined yet.
  1. Link to your page as “employment” in own profile: We often have seen our friends’ employment status as “Self-employed at “XYZ” and wonder what they actually do – we will often click on the XYZ to check what it actually is. That’s because the link feeds curiosity in the mind of the user and if your page is actually well-developed and attractive, your ideal client will like your page.
  1. Share inspiring content: What more than excellent content can pull the best of the lot and more to be fans of your page? People love Inspiration! Share Inspirational Quotes and watermark them with a link to your Facebook page and then ask others to share. What makes this method effective is that, wherever your quotes are shared, people will also see the link to your Facebook Page.
  1. Add a Facebook like Box to your website/blog: You can convert your website visitors to Facebook Fans if you have a Facebook like Box on your website or blog. This is another opportunity for your target audience to get to know you better via your Facebook posts thereby building trust.
  1. Tag Your Pictures: Whenever you attend events, be sure to take pictured with the people you meet. You should then upload these pictures to your page and tag the people in them. This exposes your page to the friends of all those you have tagged in the pictures as it now shows on their feed.
  1. Use Facebook Ads: We now know that Organic (FREE) exposure from your Facebook Page is tremendously low, in other words, to reach your fans on Facebook now, you will need to pay for advertisement. The good news is that you can spend as little or as much as you want on Facebook Ads, it all depends on your        budget. It is a good idea to run an Ad for Facebook Likes every now and again to introduce new fans who can then become customers to your business page.
  1. The “Like our Page” link: This is simple yet obvious. We provide such interesting and entertaining facts and opportunities to our target audience, and it remains undoubtedly right to claim our reward for it; the Like 🙂
  1. Find your Friends: The find your friends feature helps identify your friends on Facebook and enables connection with friends who you can then ask to like your Page if ideal for them.
  1. Use Intensely Liked Posts: There are posts that have garnered rave reviews and people obviously like, make use of those posts by sharing them on your Page. This proven posts can attract people to your Business page.
  1. Refresh Timeline Cover: Visual appeal is one fact that is paramount to any type of media, let alone the social platform. A refreshed timeline cover gives rise to curiosity and ensures fans return to the page as and when a change is in effect.
  1. Email Signature and Outgoing Mail: Be Sure to include your Facebook Page Link on all your outgoing Emails, as well as Physical Mail. You should also include what your target audience will get by liking your page, for example, “For daily Inspirational Quotes & Social Media Tips, follow me on
  1. Business Card and Offline Advertisement: This is very obvious but make sure you include your Facebook Page link to your Business Card, Event Banners and any other advertisements you are doing offline. This way, you give the people you meet physically an opportunity to get to know you better using the Power of Social Media, in this case, Facebook specifically.
  1. A Memorable Page Name: Having done all that it takes to create the best facebook page and pull fans to it, one must not forget to create an inspiring and a memorable Name (and URL) for the Facebook page. Choose once, and choose wisely so it remains relevant for a considerably long time.


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