www.TobiAwoyemi.comAs a Business Owner looking to run a Profitable Business Online, you must realise that it is impossible to build a sustainable and Profitable Business online without a Potential list of clients to market your products and / services to, hence the need to create and grow a database of potential clients who will in the future, become paying-clients of your Business.

There are various ways to build and grow your list of potential clients including Online Advertising, blogging, Webinars, Events and Social Media Marketing.

One of the fastest growing structures in today’s world is social networking. To efficiently be a part of the network, we use social networking service providers or applications that aid us like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Google+, etc.Mm

Instagram is such a social networking service which facilitates the user to upload photos and videos and share them on other social networking service providers like Face book, twitter, etc.

It gives us the option of adding filters for enhancement. It is easy to use, free to download onto various mobile platforms and since its inception in October 2010 has more than 300 million active users.

Instagram is used not only for fun and to connect with your friends, but it helps in providing a network to create a very healthy business environment. This was realized very early by even top brands like Burberry, Starbuck and Nike who used the services to enhance their business. This has clearly driven a point home that Instagram can be an effective tool for big, small and start up businesses to make a positive difference.

Below, we will be looking at some of the ways you can grow your list of potential clients, also known as, your Email Subscriber list, with Instagram.

  1. Getting noticed

Getting noticed is a very important aspect in order to increase your list. The basic concept of social networking is to be social and as a user, it is imperative to get noticed in the network. Public relation is an art and the perfect artist will get noticed and that will improve his list. The easiest and best way to get noticed on Instagram, and indeed online, is to always offer value.

  1. Reaching out

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram is we can search for the right person to follow. There are so many users on Instagram who have a huge following and friend base. If we identify the right people to follow and reach out to them, it indirectly helps us to get noticed amongst their circle too. It should be done gradually and sincerely and the most important thing is not to choke them with messages and irritate them. Instagram has the option of liking or commenting about a photo or a video and this can be used as an efficient tool to get close to others. Still, even the comments should not be brash or contain hurtful content.

  1. Hashtags

Adding hashtags to our posts is very important when we want to increase our list. Adding hashtags helps our content to be categorized and makes it easier to be discovered.  For example, if I post a photo of a special brand of “Tea” made in “England”, I can make it easier to be discovered by Hash-tagging it as #EnglishTea. This way, searching for a Tea brand from England becomes easier.

  1. Linking Other social Networks

It is always better to link our Instagram account with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc and share photos or videos everyday on them which in return makes us visible to plenty of others in the network. If we have a brand or a product to offer, the awareness thus generated is very high.

  1. Generate invitations to friends

Like most of the social networking providers, Instagram offers the facility to connect with our existing Facebook friends and phone contacts on Instagram. This in turn expands the user base and indirectly helps in finding and making new contacts.

  1. Contests

To make our brand more noticeable and grow our following, we can run contests within Instagram. For example, you can ask people to “like” a post and “tag a friend” in the post. A winner is chosen at the end of the week and they win a prize, such as, one of your products, that you can afford to give away as a prize.

  1. Tagging the location

Instagram gives us an option of geotagging photos, that is, tagging your photos geographically. For example, if you live in Essex in the United Kingdom, you cam tag your posts with this locations. This will attract local potential clients to you.

  1. Developing a partnership

Instagram is filled with different types of users. Some are very active and some users are really good at attracting and influencing others. Identifying such users and partnering with them may prove fruitful in the long run. This is often called a “Shout Out” where a brand with a larger following than yours features you on their profile.

  1. Maintaining morality

It is imperative that a basic sense of morality is maintained by the users. Offending others through photos or videos we post is not going to help the cause of improving our Instagram list.

  1. Quality

Images that are posted are found to be attractive only if they are good quality. Photos or videos with poor quality, such as blurred photos will only turn potential clients off.

  1. Luring by making it interesting

The more interesting the content, better are the chances for attracting users. Human psychology ensures this. This is more so when we are trying to improve our list. The content should also remain interesting else we run the risk of losing names from the list.

  1. Feedback

Once we have made friends in the network, we are bound to get a lot of comments. We must respond these comments to develop a bond between the contacts and us.

  1. Regularity in content posting

Sometimes, once our goal is reached, we tend to relax and become complacent. This should be avoided as the expectations that we create must be constantly maintained. So we should be regular in our posts.

  1. Using the right color

We have the option of selecting the colors for our posts. The color used should not dominate the image or the post and more importantly should not irritate the contact. According to a recent survey, the color blue is comparatively more successful than any other color.

Bonus….and the most important one!

  1. Your Instagram Profile Link

Instagram allows you to put only 1 clickable internet link in your profile. Make good use of this link! Put in a link to a FREE eBook, audio, video, weekly tips! Anything that is FREE! Then let your audience know that they get this FREE product by visiting that Link. At this Link, you can then collect names and email addresses of all your potential clients who opt-in to receive your FREE product.

Instagram is not only easy to use, fun and user friendly but at the same time can also be an important tool to build a brand image for your product or yourself. If we use this platform carefully and in the right manner, nothing can stop us from staying connected with our potential and existing clients.


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