imageSocial media has become an essential marketing toolkit with some excellent possibilities for reaching your target audience. However, if not used with care, it becomes a threat to your brand and produces negligible or even negative impact on your audience. Even the smallest mistakes by the successful brands can cause havoc to their very presence in the social space.

Here are 14 social media mistakes that can be easily avoided:

  1. Do not spread yourself too thin. Focus on a 1 or 2 Social media Platforms if you do not have the resources to maintain and control multiple platforms. Targeting multiple networks without the necessary resources will lead to mismanagement and may sometimes lead you to stray away from the targeted strategic goal. Identify your most valuable audience among your networks and focus on them for better conversion and customer retention.
  1. Lack of a strategic goal. Before you even begin your social media campaigns, you need to set some attainable and strategic goals for your brand. Build your strategy around the goals and make sure they are realistic. Measure your progress overtime and keep updating and improvising your strategy to suit market and social conditions.
  1. Posting what you want is never good. Social media is all about your audience and their interaction with your organization. So give them what they want, not what suits you. Post information about what your consumers expect from you. This will lead to higher conversion rates and better engagement from your target audience.
  1. Consistency in your branding and in the information you share about your Business across social media platforms is very important. Your Brand is what sets your company or business apart from the rest. However, setting multiple branding campaigns for multiple social networks will lead to utter confusion among your audience and will often make your brand unrecognizable. Also, the Information you post about your business and what you do across social media platforms must be consistent over multiple channels or else, it may lead to varied perspectives and confusion in your audiences mind.
  1. Lacking engagement. It is of no use having a million followers if you do not engage with them. Your followers determine what is appealing and what is not on your page but with proper engagement, you will gain the necessary insight and understanding about their likes and dislikes. Often successful brands maintain an excellent record of accomplishment of customer engagement that boosts their company’s brand image to further heights.
  1. Lack of images. According to research, images are 93% more effective than text. So use images creatively to express your brand message. Its proper use and effectiveness determines the effectiveness and eventual success of your branding or social media campaign.
  1. Hashtags are the new trend for identifying relevant information. Do proper research on the necessary hashtags for your industry, that is, what your target audience search for, and use these hashtags in your posts across social media platforms. This will help your target audience, fans and followers find you easily, as well as, find necessary information and updates about your business. Bear in mind that using the wrong hashtags will get you unwanted attention from people that are not a part of your target audience.
  1. Posting content only when you want to market your new product or service is a very easy way to lose the trust of your followers. Keep posting consistently over time to maintain the necessary engagement among your audience. Also be careful not to do too much selling on your page as this could lead to decreased engagement and drive away potential customers. Look to employ a clever strategy to convert your fans into your customers without getting them bored by your sales posts. Remember, Social media is all about building trust among your followers.
  1. When to post is as important as knowing what to post. Knowing when your fans or followers are usually on a specific social media platform and will be exposed to your to your posts is very important in driving engagement. Analyse your reports, such as, Facebook Insights, to understand the behaviour of your fans or followers then post accordingly.
  1. Too much information is also dangerous to your brand. Allow people to grasp your information and let them share and spread your message before you throw another one at them. In this way, you can properly measure and calculate the effectiveness of your posts.
  1. Inappropriate posting or engagement will destroy your brand image in the end. Make sure your conversation is formal when talking to your customers and avoid any inappropriate posts that offend or insult your fans or followers.

12. Networking is as valuable as engagement. Network with other similar companies and brands to improve customer interest. Mention major fans on your brand page and give them the necessary credit they deserve for their contribution to your brands popularity.

13. Same type of content eventually bores people. Variety is extremely necessary in social media. Employ varied engagement mechanisms. Ask questions, take surveys, and conduct polls or contests to pique the interest of your fans. This will drive better engagement and also help you understand the position of your brand or company.

14. Targeting the wrong customer will lead to decreased conversion rate. Understand analytics and target customers that help you grow. Strategic targeting will lead you to improve your fan and follower base. Understand what types of posts your customers like and customise your information accordingly.


  1. Not using the right tools for the job may lead to less productivity and a higher workload. You can use social media tools such as hootsuite to increase your productivity. This improved productivity is going to save you a lot of time while synchronizing information among platforms and it will also help you track better analytics.

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