Social Media Contest Ideas

Social Media today has an all pervading influence in our lives, which has made it one of the most effective channels for marketing outreach.  Whether it is personal branding or product marketing, making a message ‘go viral’ on social media is one of the most effective approaches to making oneself heard, literally at the click of a button.

‘Going viral’ is arguably the first step in any campaign relying on social media: these campaigns may be used to seek design ideas, promote awareness, and generate interest on a chosen subject in a myriad of other ways.

Read below for 14 types of social media contests that are in vogue today:

1. Caption Contests: These contests invite social media users to share captions for images shared on these platforms

2. Logo Contests: Ideally suited for product marketing, logo contests draw upon the creativity of social media users by inviting them to create innovative designs for products based on their descriptions

3. Quiz Contests: Contests that posts questions around a product/service/theme to users is a popular way to generate interest. Contestants achieving a certain minimum score are rewarded with exchange coupons or discounts on their next purchase.

4. Photo Contests: Photo contests make use of the creative photography skills of social media users to help make them heard.

5. Comment Contests: Inviting users to share comments is a popular way to solicit attention. These contests are effective across multiple social media platforms (‘The most brainy tweet’ on Twitter, ‘The Most Thought Provoking Comment’).

6. Coupon Contests: These contests present reward coupons to social media users on achieving a milestone. These coupons can then be used by the individual to claim discounts on purchase of merchandize.

7. Recipe Contests: Identifies culinary skills among social media users. The recipe with the best combination of ease of preparation and taste wins recognition.

8. Fashion Design Contests: Helps identify connoisseurs of haute-couture with a penchant for apparel design.

9. Game show contests: Makes participants invite other participants to an online game, and compete amongst themselves.

10. Video Contests: Short films with a social message, films shot completely on handheld devices, and videos centred around a particular theme are popular approaches to unleashing the creative talents of social media users.  Such contests are very useful in creative talent sourcing.

11. Petition Contests: Have a petition to seek support for?  Use social media to share the petition online, and ask users to sign them electronically.

12. Sweepstakes Contests: Sweepstakes contests enable users to enter a multitude of contests, accumulate reward points and exchange them for available merchandise of their choice.

13. Applications (Apps) Contests: Targeted towards driving adoption of mobile applications (apps), these contests urge potential users to download, install and use such applications. Such contests could also involve the posting of user reviews for the app in focus.

14.Music Contests: Need to identify musical ability?  Launch a music contest on social media.  Identify the best rapper, the singer with the most melodious voice, or the artiste capable of creating a remix album that relives the past, yet is in line with the trend of the times.

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