There are over 1.1 billion people on Facebook which makes it a good place to do Business, agreed?

But the fact is, in order to achieve Business Success and gain new customers on Facebook; you need a community of people.

If you don’t have a community of people, then no one is listening to you, you are not building a brand, engaging people and in the long run, not gaining any new customers or sales.

A good way to start creating a community for the Success of your Business is by building a “following “ via your Facebook page, also known as Fan or Likes, on your Facebook page.

So how can you increase the number of Fans Likes on your Facebook page?

Well here are 14 Simple Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page:

  1. Facebook Friends

Invite Your Facebook friends to like your page.  Once they like your page, they will start to see the “great content” you share on your page and may become customers.

  1. Facebook Widget

Place a Facebook widget on your website or blog so that visitors to your site can easily like your Facebook page from there.

They will also be able to see their friends that have liked your page already.

  1. Personal Email List

Email your friends and let them know you now have a Facebook Business Page.

Invite them to like your page and offer an incentive such as a “free eBook” or “newsletter” if possible.

  1. Business Email List

Let your “Business List” (if you have one) know that you now have a Facebook Business Page and invite them to like your page.

Again, just like the Personal list, you could offer an incentive such as a free eBook or newsletter.

  1. Email Signature

Include a link to your Facebook Business page on every email you send out or are responding to.

Do not simply put a link to your Facebook Business Page but say something like:

To Get Weekly Facebook Tips, Like:

  1. Print Media

Put your Facebook Business Page Link on your Business Cards, Letter Heads and Flyers.

This way people who come in contact with you can find you on Facebook and become Fans.

Some people might never call you but will look you up on Facebook and possibly become a fan or Facebook Friend!

  1. Live Events

If you host or attend a business event, take loads of pictures and post to your Facebook Business Page.

You should encourage the people in the pictures to tag themselves.

This gives your Business page exposure to their friends and pushes you into these people’s Facebook newsfeeds’ as well.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Create a “Facebook Likes Advertisement” by clicking on “Create Ads” on the drop-down arrow on the top-right-hand side of your Facebook page.

The Facebook Ad wizard will walk you through creating the advertisement.

Make sure you are advertising to your “target market” and not just everyone on Facebook.

You can get a good result of new “Facebook Fans” daily by spending as little as £5 a day

(If you need direction on creating Facebook Ads, drop me an email at

  1. Facebook Contests

Run a Facebook contest using the one of the Facebook contests applications out there such as “Heyo”.

These applications basically help you set up the contest; all you need to do, is put in details of your give-away and the contest rules (Google “Facebook Contest Rules “and Copy)

You can also promote the contest using a Facebook Advertisement to give the contest even more exposure.

10. Online Bios and Profiles

Include the link to your Facebook Business page on all your Bios & profiles across the various Social Media Platforms, such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

11. Facebook Personal Profile

In the “About” section of your Facebook personal Profile, make sure you provide a link to your Facebook Business Page.

This way, people who are only your friends on Facebook can also become Fans when they click on the link to visit your page and then Like it!

12. Share & Share

From time to time, share updates from your Business page on your Personal profile.

This way, your friends and some of their friend’s will start to see the “great nuggets” you share on your Business page and may choose to become fans and then customers as well.

13. @ Tag

You can “Tag” your Facebook Business page in relevant comments on Facebook by using @yourFacebookFanPage

For example, If you are giving a relevant tip on your Facebook personal profile or as a comment on another Facebook page, you can tag your Business page at the end by putting @yourFacebookFanPage for example – (Facebook will bring this up for you once you type in @ and start to type in the “Fan Page Name”)

14. Simply Ask!

If you speak at live events or on a webinar or simply have a table at an event, ask people there and then if they can Like Your Facebook Business Page.

Most people can access Facebook on their smart phones or tablets so this is very simple and straightforward to do.

Again, you can offer them a little inexpensive incentive such as a “free eBook”, “newsletter” or “MP3” for Liking your page!

So Go out, Create a community, Start engaging and Gaining clients using the world’s No. 1 Social Media Platform – Facebook!

To Your Success,


PS – To Get a Step-by-step Guide on How to Get Fans, Engage and Gain Customers on Facebook go to

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