IMG_9881 (1)If you are marketing your Business online, then you would have heard over and over again that you should share information that is of value to your target audience with them.

An easy way to look at sharing this valuable information is: Share Information that either Inspires, Educates or Entertains your Target audience or if possible, does all of the 3!

So whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or any other Social Media Platform, this remains the same. But today, we will be focusing on a list of ideas of value-driven information that you can share on Instagram.

You can share any of the below content ideas on Instagram as long as they are in picture format. You will sometimes find them in picture format or you might need to create this using all the wonderful picture apps out there such as WordSwag, Canva, PicMonkey and InstaQuote:

  1. Sharing motivational or inspirational quotes is a great idea as it helps others (and yourself) to see the great possibilities in their future. You can share quotes form great leaders such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell or create your own, Be sure to give credit when you are using quotes from others.

  1. Sharing a bit of humor every now and again (maybe 1-2 times a week) is also great as people love to be entertained. Do make sure they are clean, non-offensive jokes though.
  1. Sharing behind the scenes pictures of you working on a project is a fantastic way to pique the interest of your target audience. If you happen to have employees, you can also include them in such pictures with their consent. People are naturally curious so sharing behind-the-scenes of what you do can be entertaining for most.
  1. Sharing of new and industry specific data is another great way of engaging people. For example if you share a statistics, there are higher chances of your post getting shared/ reposted by others and being commented on.
  1. You can share an image that represents a new or an old blog post and include the link to the blog post. Sharing the link to an old blog post will not only extend its life but also bring about higher user engagement so don’t ignore your old blog posts. If you also happen to contribute an article or a blog post to another site, go ahead and share this as well. This not only educates but helps to build your authority in your area of expertise as far as your target audience are concerned.

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  1. Posting of simple and interesting questions is an effective way as well. The questions should be such that followers can easily and quickly find answers to them, for example, with an image of roses, you could say Roses are my favourite, what are yours?
  1. You can post photos of your actual product(s) in action showing how it is used typically. You can also show results from the use of your products. If you are a service-based business, you can post pictures of you with your client or even your resulting services such as a website you created for a new client.
  1. Social Media is a 2-way street. Engage with others and share their valuable information with your target audience while giving them credit for their work. On Instagram, a great app to use for this is the “Repost” App.
  1. Share Images of Tools and Resources that you think would be useful to your target audience. They will love you for educating them on this!

Tobi Awoyemi

  1. Your followers are curious about who is behind the computer or tablet and all the great value you are sharing so for Instagram as a social media platform, give them a glimpse of your life every once in a while – just a sprinkle – as your Instagram followers for your Business are more interested in value. You can share pictures of yourself and family or fun things you get up to during the day.
  1. You can also make use of weekly social media posting trends such as #ThrowBackThursday. You can take your followers on a trip down memory lane by sharing your old photos, business logos or your very first product. This can be very interesting and educational for them and can help them feel that they are a part of your journey. You can also add pictures of yourself at relevant industry events.

Tobi Awoyemi

  1. You could also make use of User-Generated-Content (UGC), for example, you hold a photo contest asking followers to submit specific (for example, photos of them using your product or how they would use it) photos with you picking the winning photo at the end of the contest week and giving away a prize. The prize can be as simple as one of your products or services you can afford to give away.
  1. Always wish your followers health and happiness, be mindful of holidays and national celebrations so you can always send them your love. This is one of the greatest ways to sow your followers you care about them.
  1. Instagram allows you to share videos that are no longer than 15 seconds. You can make use of this by sharing a tip. You can also share a quote and expand on it a little by explaining how people can make use of it in their daily life.

Bonus Idea:

  1. Share a selfie every once in a while. It lets your target audience know that you like to have fun too! Be sure not to overdo it!


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