Eye catching graphics or scintillating images make everything appear so much brighter, better and of course interesting. Especially in the arena of social media, they are the trend now. Almost everyone now uses edits, filters and visuals to put forth their ideas for public view. You don’t have to be a top shot ‘techie’ or even extra internet savvy to produce amazing graphics. All you need is some research and information regarding tools that can be used and a little experience. Read on!


  1. Canva: This one might seem a little complicated initially, but upon exploring it a bit, you can easily get the hang of it. If you are unable to decide on an image, Canva provides a wide array of templates that you can choose from. They have options for all types of graphics and would be suitable for banners, posters, ads and of course to flaunt your pictures in social networking sites.
  1. Pic Monkey: this is probably the easiest of all the graphics tools. You can get your images filtered in a jiffy and with very little effort. They have several effects to choose from, which completely enhance your graphics. You can play around with layouts, backgrounds, texts and the end result will be nothing short of WOW!
  1. Fotor: this fun tool is a one stop destination for all your graphics needs. You can edit your pictures, use templates to enhance your pictures or even experiment with the many layouts for creating collages.
  1. Quozio: if you have a message to share, why not make it more visually attractive? You can write your own quote or pick up something from your favorite author and select a background from the list available there. A backdrop adds more drama to your words.
  1. Pixlr: this tool has several features so you needn’t look elsewhere. There are three options: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-O-Matic. All three are great for editing and you can do almost anything you want to your images with this tool.
  1. Meme Maker: this tool allows you to customize your images/graphics. Choose an image or use their template and upload your picture to it. Play around with words and create your own caption.
  1. Pinwords: Pinwords is very simple to use and offers many options. Choose an image, customize the color, font, and template and add a text to finish it off.
  1. Pinstamatic: this tool allows you to include sticky notes, suitable quotes and even desired music to your profile. It also has the map feature where you can share locations.
  1. Someecards: this is a great fun tool where you can create some funny and interesting ecards. Choose an image from the options, add a quote or write few lines. Play along with the available font, color and background.

10. Roflbot: if you are in a hurry and need to add some text, then this is the tool to try. Upload your own image or choose              from their list. Add the text you want, adjust the font and color and you are good to go.



11. WordSwag: This is an iphone app with lovely backgrounds and various font styles. My absolute favourite!


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